Master of the GRILL

About Us

             Dan’s Deli #40 started as an “off the wall” suggestion to my father, Roger Shields.  See, Dad was laid off from his job this summer (June 2009), six weeks shy of 20 years.  Dad had just met with an employment agency, hired by his former employer to assist him in landing that new job and was a little beside himself.  The job counselor coached him on highlighting  his career experiences and transitioning this “life change”.  That said, and not quite ready to retire, Dad loved the idea!  And why not, he was a master of the grill 40 years ago, as a manager of an LK Restaurant.

             The other half of Dan’s Deli #40 is me, Wendy Curtin.  I have about 13 years experience working in various restaurants.  I always worked in the front of the house; serving or bartending, but NEVER cooking (Just ask my kids!)           

             So here we are, a father-daughter team, excited about the future and opportunities ahead.  We invite you to join our adventure and we hope to earn your respect, support, and loyalty.


We strive to…

 Serve the best quality food, at a fair and reasonable price!

Provide excellent service to our guests and treat everyone as family!

Earn the respect, support, and trust of our guest and network of supportive business and property owners!

Be a positive influence in the community!

Have fun and share the cheese!